Pylon sign with Marble cladding

Client requirement was to Design, Production, Installation & Testing of Tile Based Outdoor Pylon sign to create a landmark for their business. What happens when client just adds up “Boulder Base” & Tall Marble design for the same?

The Solution:

At A3 Signs we always believe every requirement can be realistically achieved if our core value of client commitment realized.

The challenge began while our designer was showing some sample artwork & showed a dummy image of an outdoor marble sign with ‘BOULDERs’ at its base. Client instantly liked the image and insisted to change the initial design to suit the dummy image increasing the Marble height and adding boulders to the base. Our challenges were to manage actual boulders from UAE Mountains, obtain the legal permit, transport the boulders to client location with utmost care, reshape/ fine tune the boulder, collaboratively work with the structural team to understand the base requirements for tall marble.

As our team was committed to the project, we actually managed to get the boulders from Fujairah with a necessary legal permit, a team of craftsman to guide the transportation and reworking on the boulders to create the required dimensions. Structural team along with design, production and installation team worked on the tall marble design ensuring the base strength suitability for extreme weather conditions; A3 Signs made it all possible to have realised an virtual image to a reality.

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