Signage for the Banking Industry.

Wide-format Professional Digital Printing Dubai – Banking Industry!

The Banking sector is not known for flashy displays and glitzy advertisements, but a strong signage strategy is imperative for Banks.  Every Bank Branch needs the right kind of graphics to boost the local appeal and engage with the nearby customers in their area.

The majority of Banking interactions are now going the self-service way and even then, customers demand satisfaction and immediate resolution to any queries or issues they have to face.

A professional signage strategy allows Banks to engage with customers, encourage brand loyalty and build long-lasting relationships in a cost-effective fashion.   An integrated design and message across multiple media help Banks to promote brand recognition and recall.  Here consistency is the key.  Using the same long, design elements and colors across a variety of media, in different locations and in different ways helps to make your brand ‘stick’ in the minds of customers and prospects alike.  It is imperative that Signs, business cards, window graphics, digital message boards, and other visuals work together so that the customer is exposed to your brand often,  in a relatively subtle manner.

Professional Digital Printing Dubai
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Outdoor signage is ideal for catching the fluid traffic and helps you to get new customers and these signs should help in making your brand appealing and your location easy to find.  On the other hand, indoor signage consists of informational and directional signage as well as other signage that fosters customer engagement and also may be used to upsell to your existing clients’ other services.  Lobby displays featuring real people who achieved success with the assistance of the bank will help in connecting other customers to your brand.  Additional products like Loans and credit cards can also be advertised. Digital signage combined with traditional printed signage can be integrated to achieve exponential results with goals.

Banking signage is not restricted to forward-facing applications alone.  Interactive screens, office signs, and graphics can also be used to encourage employee communication, boost team morale and strengthen core values amongst the Banking staff.

Professional Digital Printing Dubai

To get the highest benefits,  choose experienced signage professional like A3 Sign, who can provide you digital signage integrated with traditional printed signage to optimize your budget and meet your marketing goals.

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