Pylon Signs

Pylon signs are freestanding structures that can be single sided or double sided. Usually supported by one or two poles, these signs are made of aluminium or steel frame with a rigid or flexible face. Pylon signs can be illuminated using LED or fluorescent lamps or left unilluminated.

A popular choice among gasoline stations, restaurants and hotels along major highways as well as malls, stores and other businesses, pylon signs from A3 Sign stands taller than other signage options. These tall signs alert shoppers in search of your business or who are just passing by your location.

Pylon signs — which are also called pole signs or freestanding signs — are outdoor signs that are frequently mounted on one or two poles. They can be single sided or double sided. They’re usually lighted and often installed on a business property but not attached to a building.

Single-business pylon signs often feature one large lightbox to showcase the company’s name and logo. Pylon signs for malls and shopping centres, on the other hand, consists of several lightboxes built into a base made of metal, stone or brick. Each tenant’s logo is featured on a separate lightbox face. This layout promotes the presence of more than one business.

Because of their height, pylon signs can catch the eye of motorists from long distances. This gives drivers time to exit a freeway or otherwise slow down and turn into your location. Of course, not all pylon signs tower above all others. Your choice can be only as tall as good taste — and local signage height restrictions — allow!