Integrated Signage for Healthcare Industry

Integrated Signage for Healthcare Industry using Digital Printing and LED screens

Digital Printing Solution Dubai

Healthcare Industry-Modern hospitals make extensive use of large format signage and wall wraps.  Posters of the various services and with pictures of the medical professionals associated are now a must.  Information signage helps visitors to know more about the services and various departments without having to ask  Hospital Staff and clever use of Directional signage ensures that registered visitors reach their intended destination without any hassle. Large format text and graphics are the norms in the Health care industry.

LED screen solutions are also becoming very popular in the healthcare industry. LED screens offer the flexibility of using video, images or news feeds that help to interact with patients, visitors and even staff. One great advantage is that the screens can all be networked across all areas and departments.  Appointment times, waiting times, healthcare education and treatment planning can boost the performance of the clinic in every department potentially saving a lot of time and money.

Digital Printing Solution Dubai

Information can be easily and quickly updated by trained staff by the trained staff without needing the involvement of the IT department specialists for daily updates.

A  judicious mix printed signage products like posters, banners, wall wraps, etc., with the use of LED Screens at strategic locations used effectively is the best way to control costs while optimizing efficiency.

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