Digital printing of Banners.

Why use Banner Printing?

Banner Digital Printing Dubai.

Need to reach out to a large section of your target audience to advertise your product, an event or your brand? Banner advertising should be your go-to method.  Effective design and prominent placement will go a long way to pique the interest of your prospective clients.

So let’s look at how to produce a banner that will garner the most attention possible.

  1. Location is everything

Even before you start on the design of the banner, you need to first determine where your banner is going to be mounted.  Obviously you will try to find a location where there is a good footfall of your target audience.  For e.g., if your target market is 25-year-olds and below, you will want to put a banner in or close to a university campus area, or near a cafe frequented by youth or even a shopping center where you know your target audience frequents.  This will give the best chances of your message on the banner being viewed by the prospects you have identified.

  1. Content

The text on your banner should convey a message that is concise and simple to understand.  People today simply do not have time for an overly long or cryptic message, so the message needs to be short and to the point, something that will engage your audience quickly.

Banner Digital Printing Dubai.
  1. Text

We are discussing fonts and the size of the fonts which are quite critical.  Effective banners will have a simple font style that is easy to read and the font size should be such that the content can be read even from a distance. The best practice to get optimum visibility at any distance is to add an inch to letter height for every ten feet of viewing distance. For example, for a sign 25 feet away, a 2.5-inch tall text will be effective.

  1. Images

Avoid using low-resolution grainy images as this is a surefire way to turn off your audience. Use crisp and sharp high-resolution images to make an impact.  Also, clever use of white space is recommended along with the text and images so that the overall design does not look overcrowded.

  1. Branding

Your banner should align with the rest of your marketing materials.  Your logo, business cards, website, leaflets, flyers, etc. should all be tied together with your brand guidelines.  Think about developing a Corporate Identity Guidelines for your brand if you do not already have one.

  1. Stand out

Use fresh and designs that are not boring for the prospect.  Easier said than done, but at the end of the day, you want to catch the eye of your prospects, right? So be bold in your designs and color scheme and use stimulating messages.

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